HR Time Collection System
ASPSA’s New Time Reporting System
What you need to clock in/clock out:
-NC State Username
-NC State Password
-Employee ID #
Quick Facts
• You must “clock in” and “clock out” for each
appointment you have
• If you have any breaks between session you will
clock out for the break, clock back in for next
• If you miss a punch you must complete a
missed punch form
• Reports are still to be submitted in GradesFirst.
– Nothing in GradesFirst will change. You will still
submit payroll in GradesFirst.
• We will use GradesFirst time sheet to verify
accuracy of your KABA time sheet.
Time Collection System Overview
• Types of Time Collection Devices (TCD)
– Kaba web clock
Time Collection System Overview (cont’d)
• For those utilizing a Kaba web clock
– Accessible from the MYPACK Portal through
Employee Self Service. (valid unity_ID/password required)
(Navigation: Time Reporting->Report Time->Punch Clock)
– Employees with a valid NCSU ID # can login to the
web clock to punch In/Out.
– Convenient for employees with access to a
computer, laptop, or personal IP device with access
to the internet.
Punch Employee Responsibilities
• Be on time for scheduled work activity
• Punch In/Out on the Kaba clock device specified by the supervisor
– Web clock - Type in the 9 digit employee_ID #
• Access the web clock through the MYPACK Portal
• Main Menu->Employee Self Service->Time Reporting->Report Time->Punch Clock
• Follow the onscreen instructions to punch In/Out
• Follow department guidelines regarding lunch and break time
• Notify the supervisor immediately if unable to punch In/Out of a
Kaba clock device. Please note any errors or messages.
Kaba Web Clock
Enter your 9 digit
employee ID#
then click OK
Kaba Web Clock
Employee Name
Click on the “Job Clock In”
link at the beginning of
your work day or returning
after a break.
Kaba Web Clock
If you have multiple jobs,
select the appropriate
clock location from the
drop down list.
Kaba Web Clock
clock punch
Welcome Employee
Kaba Web Clock
Employee Name
Click on the “Job Clock Out”
link for breaks or the end of
your work day.
Kaba Web Clock
clock punch
Kaba Web Clock
Employee Name
To view historical punch data
click on “Time Record View”.
Kaba Web Clock
Select the date you want to view
and click the “View Time” link.
Kaba Web Clock
Punch time activity for a
specific date. When you
finish view click “Done”.
Employee Self Service Timesheet
Employees can view and/or print a copy of their timesheet by navigating to
Employee Self Service in the MYPACK Portal.
Navigation Path:
Main Menu->Employee Self Service->Time Reporting->Report Time-> Display/Print Time Sheet
Employee Self Service Timesheet (cont’d)
When the Display/Print Time Sheet
panel opens (below) the user can
click on the high-lighted search icon
then select the specific paycheck
date the user wants to view or print.
After the date is select then click
“Generate Time Sheet” to view
and/or print.
Bi-weekly Employee Timesheet Example
How to create Kaba Web Clock Shortcut
• To create a shortcut on the desktop to the Kaba Web
Clock, do the following:
• Right-click an open area on the desktop, point to New,
and then click Shortcut.
• In the “Type the location of the item:” field copy and
paste the web link, , and
then click Next.
• Type Kaba Web Clock as the name for the shortcut, and
then click Finish.

KABA Tutor Training Presentation