Thru the Bible in 24 Weeks
The Bible contains stories of the greatest EVILS
. . . . . betrayals, revenge, deception
The ultimate Prince of Deception - Satan
The Bible contains stories of the greatest GOOD
. . . . . miracles, achievements, courage
The greatest sacrifice for you and me
The crucifixion & resurrection
Of Jesus Christ our Lord!
10th Century BC.
Author: Unknown
Picture of Saul, Samuel, & David
1 & 2 Samuel is 1 book in Hebrew Bible
1 & 2 Samuel Chapter Summary
1 Samuel 1-4
Transition from Judges to establishment of Monarchy
1 Samuel 4-7
The Ark of the Covenant (taken by Philistines then returned)
1 Samuel 7-12
Institution of Monarchy
1 Samuel 13-15
Reign of Saul
1 Sam 16 – 2 Sam 5 David’s Rise to Power
2 Samuel 5-9
2 Samuel 10-24
David’s Successes:
Jerusalem capital city, Ark/Yahweh reestablished
David’s Failures: adultery, murder, sexual misconduct, violence
Ch 10-20 Men Against David. Son, Absalom takes throne
Ch 21-24 God’s Actions Against David, famine & plagues
Picture of History of the time
• Philistines were the main threat during period, oppressing
Israel for 40 years (Philistines in 5 main cities)
• Philistines stole Ark of Covenant but ended up with plagues
– returned it with 5 gold mice and 5 gold hemorrhoids
• Philistines defeated by Samuel, trouble for Saul, totally
subdued by David
• People wanted king to fight enemies, even tho God fought
their battles, winning while they were in fellowship with God
– lost when not in fellowship with God
People’s Willful Rejection of
the Lord’s Rule over them
Samuel: Leader but not King
• Hannah barren, prayed; Samuel dedicated to God
• The last of the judges, prophet, priest
• Ark of Covenant captured by Philistines; plague; Ark
not brought back to Israel until David’s reign
• Placed Israel’s 1st king on the throne - Saul
• Anointed David (Read 2 Samuel 7: Davidic Covenant)
See History of the establishment
of Davidic Covenant
Institution of the Monarchy (human king)
Saul : First King
• Showed early promise to be a good king – modest,
direct, generous (until later in his years)
• Made David chief of soldiers; Jonathan’s best friend
• Disregarded God’s order to kill ALL Amalekites. He
spared livestock & King Agag (line of Haman – wait til Esther)
• Turned against David and wanted David dead
• David found Saul in cave – spared his life (cut robe)
David: Goliath to 40-year King
• Just after Saul made king, 9’9” professional Philistine soldier,
Goliath, against Israelites, wanted 1/1 fight, expectation was with
Saul; but young boy, David, with 5 stones, took challenge, won
Goliath’s sword and head.
Why 5 stones?
• 1st, David was King of Judah then 7 years later, all of Israel, capital
in Jerusalem, gave justice to all, poet, songwriter – wanted to build
temple BAD! God said no, 2 Sam 12:10: “Sword shall never leave
your house”
• David’s Household turns into a Disaster: Bathsheba affair, 1st child
died; had her husband killed, David’s son raped his daughter, son
killed brother, son led rebellion against David with help of
Ahithpoel (Bathsheba’s grandfather).
Next week 1 Kings: Solomon, 40 year reign, builds Temple
What sins do we have in our lives?
What sins are passed on to our sons/daughters?
David had many sins yet was a
“Man after God’s own heart”
God made covenant with David but would not allow
David to build God’s house / temple.
What blessings will we miss out on
because of our disobedience?