Lesson Two.
Learning to play a Clear Single Note.
Tips on how to play clear notes.
 Rule #1: Put the harp as deeply as possible in your
 Rule #2: If you hold the harp on the edge of your lips,
your tone will be lousy.
 Rule #3: If your lips are clamped tightly on the harp,
your throat is constricted, your tone will be lousy.
Tips on Good Tone.
 Inner Compression:
 Pressurize a column of air as
it enters and leaves and stays
in your body.
 Do this by slightly resisting
the airstream at your lips –
and everywhere else.
 This resistance creates back
 You know you have this
compression if your
airstream makes a loud long
hissing sound at draw for 10
Vowel Sounds and Articulation.
 Play a 3 blow as if you are saying ‘oooo’, as in “cool”.
 Now try saying ‘eeeee’ and listen to the tone flatten
 This can teach you about how you form your mouth to
effect your tone.
 Articulation:
 Practice saying ‘Ta-Ta’ to articulate a 3 blow.
 Practice saying ‘Ka-Ka’ to articulate a 3 blow.
 Practice saying ‘Wa-Wa’ to articulate a 3 blow.
 Practice a ‘ha’ sound by pushing from your stomach.
The Harp as a Blues Singer.
Layout of Notes on C – Harp.
First Position ‘Straight Harp’
Second Position ‘Cross Harp’
Map of the Cross Harp
Your First Boogie - One
 Start tapping out a 3 blow:
 Move the harp slightly and draw on the 4 draw:
Your First Boogie - Two
 Take a slight pause – and then slide down to 3 blow:
 Play a long 4 draw and then slide up to the 5 draw:
Your First Boogie - Three
 From your 4 draw – blow out on 4 blow slide to the 3
draw and wail on it – until you resolve on 3 blow:
 Tongue the 3 blow and then create some tension on
the 3 draw and resolve on the 3 blow:
Your First Boogie - Four
 Play a long wailing 6 draw – ta ta ta ta ta ta ta:
 Resolve your tension on 6 blow:
 All information and scans were taken from:
 Rock n’ Blues Harmonica – Revised edition
Jon Gindick
ISBN 0-930948-10-6
 Visit http://www.gindick.com/
 Songs played:
“False Sense of Security” 7 Ways
“Forgiven” 7 Ways