Kristen Schuster
Doctoral Student
University of Missouri Columbia
School of Information Science & Learning Technologies
Vetusta Monumenta: print and digital editions
Collaboration & Interdisciplinary Innovation
• Scholarly commentary
• Dr. Noah Heringman & Dr. Anne Myers (English Department, MU)
• Crystal Lake, Wright State University
• Matthew M. Reeve, Queen’s University, Kingston Ontario
• Technical contributors
• Felicity Dykas (Digitization Unit, Ellis Library, MU)
• SISLT Masters Students
• Division of IT, MU (Server Space)
• Support
• Dr. Twyla Gibson, Digital Humanities Commons
• Society of Antiquaries of London
• Special Collections, Ellis Library MU
How has the project defined itself?
• What is a digital edition?
• What will a digital edition provide?
• What will a digital edition add to scholarly
understandings of Vetusta Monumenta?
What are the project’s scholarly goals?
• Provide exploratory and explanatory commentary for each
object represented in the first three volumes of Vetusta
• Commentaries are an iterative process because they
involve research, peer review and then integration with
visual elements of the project.
What are the project’s technical goals?
• Long term digital access to the digital edition
• Implement effective relationships between
images and text
Preservation and curation
Retrieved from: http://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/curation-lifecycle-model
Relationships between texts and images
• Cataloging
• VRA Core & Cataloging Cultural Object
• Getty’s Metadata Standards Crosswalks
• Using cataloging and commentaries to create linked data
• Internet Archives
• Scalar
Putting it all together
• A freely accessible scholarly resource
• Understandable relationships between pages, objects and
comments in a digital interface
• A sustainable resource
• Or please feel free to contact me:
• [email protected]

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