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To the bondholders in:
ISIN: NO 0010691017 -15 per cent Emerging Europe Land Development AS Callable
NO 0010699846 Bond Issue 2013/2014
NO 0010701352
NO 001 0705676
Oslo, 27 June 2014
Notice from Bondholders’ Meeting
Today a Bondholders’ meeting was held pursuant to summons o f 13 June 2014.
There were sufficient Bondholders present at the meeting to form a quorum. At the meeting,
an alternative resolution was proposed. No bondholders voted against the original or the
alternative proposal. As the original proposal did not reach the necessary majority, the
alternative proposal was adopted as follows;
extension of maturity date to 30 December 2014
(ii) maintain the current interest rate o f 15 %
(iii) accrued interest as of 30 June 2014 to be handled as set out in the summons to the
The Bond Agreement will therefore be changed as mentioned.
Yours sincerely

NORDIC TRUSTEE Notice from Bondholders` Meeting