Encounter the Task
(Step 1)
What is research?
Google search...
 A report...
 Searching the web...
 Looking "it" up in a book?
What is research?
There are as many definitions for research as
there are people who conduct research.
View the video of Greg Schroll from The
Collegiate Inventors Competition to begin to
form your definition of Research.
Use The Online Library Learning Center and
Visual Thesaurus to continue to help
formulate your own definition of research.
What is research?
We will define research as:
 the systematic process of
collecting and analyzing
information to increase our
understanding of an issue.
Research Vocabulary
 The
Online Library Learning Center
A Policy Maker's Primer on
Educational Research
 Bedford/St
Martin's Research and
Documentation Online
Who is a researcher?
 Analyst...
 A persistent person…
 A curious person…
 A methodical person?
Who is a researcher?
View the photo and invention details of
one of the student inventors on
the National Gallery for America's
Young Inventor's and also their comic
Next, use Visual Thesaurus to help you
formulate your own definition of
Who is a researcher?
The Princeton Review tells us that
“Researchers collect, organize, analyze, and
interpret data and opinions to explore issues,
solve problems, and predict trends. ”
The role of the researcher involves making a
contribution to the understanding of an issue
and communicating that understanding to
Who is a researcher?
There are many different kinds of
 Social Science Researchers
 Market Researchers
 Public Opinion Researchers
 Scientific Researchers
 And more……..
What is the purpose and
impact of research?
Choose three web sites from the list below and on
the next slide to research the answer to the
 MIT Student Invention Deployed in Haiti to Save
The Lemelson Center Study Invention and
Innovation (podcasts)
Project Zero Principal Investigators
Shari Tishman - Director of Project ZeroDrawing
in Space
Discovery News: Microneedles
MIT Open Courseware - Solving Complex
Problems - Student research and results
Drawing in Space
Collegiate Inventors Competition
Univ. of Wisconsin LaCrosse student
Mu Alpha Theta 2010 National Math
Presentation Winners
Exit Ticket
Answer the following questions. Print out
this slide and give it to your instructor.
What is research?
Who is a researcher?
What is the purpose/impact of research?