 Centrul de Excelenta pentru Tinerii Capabili de
Performanta Botosani (CENTER OF EXCELLENCE
FOR GIFTED STUDENTS ) started its activity in 2001
and still continues in the school year 2013-2014, as well.
has the purpose of offering gifted students a more
complex school training , focused on their skills and
needs, so that students’ performance and creativity
should be stimulated and achieved.
 The whole activity of the Center of Excellence for
Gifted Students is coordinated by the County School
Inspectorate of Botoșani.
The politics and the strategies for the selection,
the gifted children and students’ support and
motivation are elaborated according to the
methodological norms and educational politics
drawn up by the National Center of
Differentiated Training in collaboration with
the specialized departments of the Ministry of
National Education and the Evaluation and
Assessment National Center.
 The admission at the Center of Excellence for Gifted
Students is available to all the students, based on the
tenured teachers’ recommendation from schools.
 The selection itself is made at the beginning of the
school year, following taking a test.
 Tests may be taken during the school year, too, but it
is not compulsory.
Teachers’ selection for high performance
activities is accomplished by the County
School Inspectorate of Botosani.
 The school subjects contributing to such training are
Informatics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and
Mathematics. Students are, normally, prepared weekly,
for about 2-3 hours (on Saturdays usually). The classes
are held in schools from BOTOSANI and DOROHOI,
under the guidance of teachers who obtained very
good results at National Olympiads.
 92% of the prizes won at the National Level of the
School Olympiads in all the 5 school subjects have
been obtained by students who attended courses at the
 This school year, three new Centers of Excellence for
Gifted Students have been opened in Botosani County: two
in the town of Botosani located in the “A. T. Laurian”
National College and “Mihai Eminescu” National College,
and another one in Dorohoi located in the “Grigore
Ghica” National College. Last year there were only 6
teaching positions at the Center, but we are planning to
develop and extend and there will be 10 teaching positions
In addition, language training programmes for gifted
students are available now. Proficient students can attend
Romanian, English, French and Classical language classes
at the Centre.
 In this school year, at the Center of Excellence for
Gifted Students, Botosani, there are 79 teachers
teaching 10 different school subjects and training 1055
• At this time we are proud to have got 450
prizes at county, intercounty, regional and
national contests approved by the Ministry of
National Education for the 2013-2014 school
 The National Level of the School Olympiads, that is
ongoing at this time, will reconfirm the CENTER OF
,, Olympic nursery” of the Botosani County.
The Center of Excellence for Gifted Students,
Botoșani - partner in European projects
Comenius Multilateral School Partnership Project
„QED – Quality in Europe’s Diversity”
nr. 11-PM-75-BT-RO, 2011-2013
Partners from Germany, Greece, Iceland, Poland, Turkey, Romania
C0menius Multilateral School Partnership Project
„ICT-based Educational Application for
Nr. 13-PM-10-BT-RO, 2013-2015
Partners from Germany, Croaţia, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania
ICTEAM is a partnership aimed to improve the quality of educational
process and management in the institutions involved. While the
partner schools cover all range of pre-university education, main
targeted topic are mathematics, and proposed strategy is to use the
newest ICT devices (tablet PC with handwriting recognition, white
and active board), and educational software for mathematics
(XyAlgebra, IXL, GeoGebra), in order to implement active learning
methods in the classroom.
Our message for our partners :
Excellence is obtained setting high standards and
encouraging competition.