In South Dakota Indistar is called SD LEAP
South Dakota Leading Effectively…Achieving Progress
Indistar is a web-based tool that guides
improvement teams through a continuous
cycle of:
 Assessment
 Planning
 Implementation
 Progress tracking of research-based
Traditional Way
The Indistar Way
Accountable for Rules and
Focus on Programs
Data =Student Outcomes
Accountable for Effective
Focus on Effective Practice
Data = Practice + Student
Culture of Compliance
Annual Paper Plan
Mail, Fax Paper Reports
Top-Down Initiative, with
Culture of Candor and
Continuous Improvement
Electronic Reports
School Initiative, with
Traditional Way
The Indistar Way
Analyze data
Identify areas of
relative weaknesses
Set goals to remediate
the shortcomings
Develop an annual
plan to achieve the
Educators assess
professional practices
Focuses on what
adults do and how
students perform
Must focus on both to
see significant
Not just a planning process, but a learning
process for those working closest with students
 Professional development process as much as
a planning process
 Developed with candid discussions by the
leadership team with ALL teachers engaged in
implementing the process
 Opportunity to acquire a deeper understanding
of effectives practices and consistent
SD LEAP is a web-based framework to guide
high-quality work by the school with built-in
flexibility to encourage local innovation.
School teams assess their current
position relative to each indicator in the
following categories:
 School Leadership and Decision
 Curriculum Assessment and
Instructional Planning
 Classroom Instruction
 Indicators
provide the structure for
building a continuous school
improvement plan, while still allowing
each school flexibility and creativity on
how it implements the plan. Indicators
point the way toward effective
The Wise Ways ® tool within SD LEAP
links each indicator to a brief summary of
related research examples and resources.
SD LEAP provides practical web-based
documentation for creating agendas,
recording minutes, assigning
responsibilities, setting timelines,
coaching, and monitoring the degree of
SD LEAP allows schools to electronically
submit required documents to satisfy
federal and state requirements.
A required number of ACTIVE indicators are
assessed, planned and monitored so the plan is
always continuous and on-going.
 Schools select a new indicator when one is fully
implemented and part of the school culture.
 Teams create a living, working, focused
document on what the school is “really” doing.
 Fully implemented indicators are easily
reviewed and revised.
October 31 (flexible)
 January 31
 May 31
Schools using SD LEAP within a state share
ideas and support each other
 DOE will provide Technical Assistant and
support to schools
 Coaches will guide the schools
To keep everything running smoothly,
we also offer:
• Indicators in ActionTM—videos that
show the indicators being
implemented in real schools with real
•Wise Ways®—research briefs to guide
the team in making decisions on the
indicators, and
•Technical assistance from the Center
on Innovation & Improvement’s
helpful client relations team.
in Action
support from
Contracted time for Coaches (Focus)
Time for school teams to work together
Compensation for teams, after work hours if
 Workshop Expenses
 1003(a) funds available
Provide School Information (Edit School Information,
Demographics, and Assessment)
Form a School Team (School Team)
Assess School Indicators (Assess)
Create a Plan for Improvement (Create)
Monitor the Plan (Monitor)
SD LEAP helps schools to focus on:
What does good performance and effective
practices look like?
 What is the path to achieve it?
…provides the “WHAT”, but
leaves the “HOW” to those
who know best.
For More Information please contact:
Shawna Poitra
[email protected]

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