Garde Manger
“cooked flesh”
Specially prepared pork
products: sausage,
smoked ham, bacon,
pâté, terrine
Served cold
Prepared by Garde
Manger department
Garde Manger
Responsible for the
preparation of cold
foods, salads, salad
dressings, cold
appetizers, charcuterie
Also referred to as the
Charcuterie Types
Fresh: made with raw ingredients that have not
been cured or smoked. Breakfast, Italian, Polish
kielbasa*, Mexican chorizo*, French andouille*
Smoked & Cooked: raw meat treated with
preservatives, cooked and or smoked.
German frankfurter, bratwurst*,
Dried or Hard: cured meat, air dried.
Salami, pepperoni
Forcemeat: a mixture of lean ground meat and fat that is
• Farce (FAHRS) means stuffing
• Pâté (pah-TAY) a rich loaf made of meat, game, poultry,
seafood and/or vegetable baked in a mold
• Terrine (tehr-REEN) earthenware mold
Charcuterie Types
Forcemeat: a mixture of lean ground meat and fat that is
Pâté de Campagne (pah-TAY-de kom-PAN-yuh)
Texture is slightly coarser than straight
forcemeat allowing the meat flavor to dominate
Pâté en Croûte (pah-TAY on kroot) Wrapped in
a pâté dough which may contain herbs spices or
lemon zest
Mousseline (moose-uh-LEEN) a forcemeat of
veal, poultry or fish lightened with cream and
egg whites
Quenelle (kuh-nel) mousseline shaped into
small ovals, with spoons, and poached in a rich
stock or court bouillon

Charcuterie Garde Manger