Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Klubbs valpe- og veteranshow. Oslo 13. september 2014
Dommer: Stuart Smith, kennel Orean, Skottland
Antall stilte valper:28, Antall stilte veteraner: 5
Hannvalper 4-6 måneder
Nr 1 4-6mnd, 2BHK
Mellsjøhøgda's Zuperztition, Sobel, født 16.04.2014 (Evad Shades Of Opal Orreknuppen's Dorthe) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Liv Helene Jensen,
Asker Pale golden sable mail. I like the type of the dog. Nice size for the age. Good
developing, good front angulation. Rare good as well. A little reluctant on the move, but
moves nicely in general. Good bone. Entire.
Nr 2 4-6 mnd, 3BHK
Orreknuppen´s Unbreakable Spirit 2, Sobel, født 27.04.2014 (Mellsjøhøgda´s Dark´n
Dreamy - Orreknuppen´s Bianca) o. Inger Krogstad, Svatsum, e. Linda Olsen, Hokksund 4,5
mnd , nice size for his age, he looks like to develop fine for his age, good long neck, and tail,
att. markings, entire, moves well in the rare, and all over, a little reserved on the table, settled
nicely on the move.
Nr 3 4-6 mnd, 4BHK, Publikumsfavoritten
Mellsjøhøgda's Zunzet Glow, Sobel, født 16.04.2014 (Evad Shades Of Opal Orreknuppen's Dorthe) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Mogunn Frøise
Nilsen, Bjørkelangen 5 mnd old pale golden sable, nice dog all over, good proportions,
pleasing head and expression. Very good ears. Steady and happy on the table and moved
ok for age, nice shape and profile, although would prefer slightly longer neck, Entire.
Nr 4 4-6 mnd
Mellsjøhøgda's You Got Me, Sobel, født 19.03.2014, (Evad Shades Of Opal –
Mellsjøhøgda’s Beyond Belief) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Sissel og
Våril Tangnes, Lillehammer Golden sable, lovely shape. Very nice vied in profile, long tail,
stand nicely front and back. Nice type and proportion through out. Coat developing nicely.
Very well trained and handling nicely by young handler, entire. Temperament very friendly
and happy and confident dog.
Orreknuppen`s Very Special, Sobel, født 07.05.2014 (Orreknuppen`s Starmaker Orreknuppen`s Hadila) e. og o. Inger Krogstad, Svatsum 4 mnd old sable and white dog.
Very pretty, stands well. Very nice eye, moves well for his age. Confident and happy.
Goldmine's Yaki, Sobel, født 24.04.2014 (N S UCH Joyland's Magic Touch - Goldmine's
Xiting Honey-Honey) e. og o. Pia C. Hunshammer, Flateby 4,5 months old, red sable, very
attractive colour. Stands nicely. Good rear angulation. Strong bone, very much a boy in
head, entire, long tail. Confident and happy on the table. Good rear movement, a little loose
in the front elbow.
Mellsjøhøgda's Zimply Zenzational, Sobel, født 16.04.2014 (Evad Shades Of Opal Orreknuppen's Dorthe) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Line Østli, Ringebu
5 mnd old male, very nice shape in profile, masculine all over with good strong bone, very
neat feet, exelent, rare angulation, and front developing nicely. Entire. Long tail, good
extention on the move, stands and show nicely, good temperament.
Orreknuppens Valentino, født 07.05.2014 (Orreknuppen`s Starmaker - Orreknuppen`s
Hadila) o. Inger Krogstad, Svatsum, e. Liv-Laila Vestland, Hønefoss Very pretty head on a
shaded sable dog. Ex. ears, very nice round muzzle. Temperament excellent. Very friendly,
long tail, moved well enough for his age, would prefer just a little more bone for a dog. Entire.
Piece Of My Heart, Sobel, født 27.04.2014 (SE Uch Lundecock's Run For Fun – Croft's Let
Me Entertain You) o. Wenche og Torkild Tangen, Skogbygda, e. Christine Bjørhusdal, Oslo
Very confidant mature performence, move steadily and good pace, nice shape and profile.
Stand shows and nicely, well trained. Would prefer more bone and a little bigger for a dog,
but have still time to develop. Entire.
Goldmine's Xotic Tarzan, Sobel, født 16,04.2014 (N S UCH Joyland's Magic Touch Goldmine's Xiting Pocahontas) o. Pia C. Hunshammer, Flateby, e. Lene Jønsson, Rasta
Nice type, good strong bone and lovely masculine head, pretty shaded sable, very nice
shape, ex, ears, good bone, lovely feet, stands very nicely front and rear. Unfortunately his
bite is not corr. Temperament very good. He is very steady, move confidently, easy to
Runabjørn’s Tu’ Vapi, Sobel, født 25.04.2014 (SE UCH Lundecock’s Run For Fun –
Runabjørn’s Kimba’ Little Lady’ Ma) o. Marianne Suhr, Vormsund, e. Marianne Suhr,
Vormsund Shaded sable, nor very glamerous sound through out, good bone, nice frond and
rare angulations. Good feet, stands nicely, looks good in profile, moved very well for his age.
Temperament very steady and calm. Entire.
Mellsjøhøgda’s Zurprize Package, Sobel, født 16.04.2014 (2014 (Evad Shades Of Opal Orreknuppen's Dorthe) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Ellen Dieset, Rena
Very happy, friendly puppy. Sweet through out, big coat for his age. Good bone, and moves
steadily. Shows nicely and obviously a confident and happy puppy. Entire.
Hannvalper 6-9 måneder
Nr 1 6-9 mnd, 1BHK BIM
Lillevolden Amazing Ice Blue Amigo, Blue Merle, født 14.02.2014 (Poulsgaards Contador
in Blue - Poulsgård Shes Got The Look) o. Lillevolden Kennel,Siljan, e. Lill Dagmar Sanni,
Siljan Pleasing type. Blue merle. Black well broken all over. Very rich tan markings on
muzzle. Head a nice type, ears nice and use to advantage, good size, nice enough shape,
stands nicely, could be a little better in angulation in the rare, unsettled on the move, perhaps
could benefit from some training. Temperament confident.
Nr 2 6-9 mnd
Kalancho's My Only Wish This Year , Sobel, født 26.12.2013 (Kalancho's You The One
That I Want - Excellent Choice All My Dreams) o. Velbæk, Malene, Danmark, e. Odden,
June Sølvi, Magnor Attractivly marked, nice ears, stands well enough, but not confident on
the table, flat scull, moves well enough , but moves a little loose at the pastern and in the
front, needs to develop a little in the chest and a little more coat would be nicer. Probably just
around the ideal size.
Nr 3 6-9 mnd
Runabjørn’s Qr The Special Scowi, Tricolour, født 12.01.2014 (Caravan Knight Of The
Dark – Belmark Give Em’ The Slip) o. Marianne suhr, Vormsund, e. Marianne Suhr,
Vormsund Black and white, lovely to see. One of the rare colours of the breed. The dog had
very strong bone, not overdone or cloddie. Stand nicely in profile, good angulation. Front and
rear, head not what I was looking for in type, longer forface and deep through in scull, good
ears, moves well, especialy in rear. Temperament very steady on the table and on the move.
Good coat although a little wavy on the back.
Tispevalper 4-6 måneder
Nr 1 4-6 mnd, 3BTK
Mellsjøhøgdas Zing Me A Song, , Sobel, født 16.04.2014 (Evad Shades Of Opal Orreknuppen's Dorthe) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Anne Cathrine
Bøye Bjerkvoll, Oslo Four month pale golden sable, pretty promising baby, good bone and
substance, and feminine. Pretty head needs to flatten in scull, but correct for her age, dark
eyes, and when her ears are up, nice expr., good shape and profile, and proportion through
out. Moved well for age, Temperament steady and calm and attentive to handler.
Nr 2 4-6 mnd, 4BTK
Croft's Lady Eiro Malou, født 27.03.2014 (SE Uch Lundecock's Run For Fun – Croft's Little
Lady) o. Andersen Janne, Sandnes, e. Teigen, Bjørn Ragnar, Åmot Very pretty rich golden
sable bitch. Nice shape in profile, stands very well. Head refined and sweet eye, ears looks
that they will be nice. Ex. Very nice. Goode bone and size for age, moved well, temperament.
Very confident, happy and responsive to handler.
Nr 3 4-6 mnd
Kjanto’s My Baby, sobel født 27.04.14 (SE Uch Lundecock's Run For Fun – Croft’s Let Me
Entertain You) o. Torkild og Wenche Tangen, Skogbygda, e. Torild Vanebo Johnsen,
Porsgrunn Rich shaded sable, 5 month old, good bone, nice profile, neat feet, very good rare
angulations, moved nicely for her age, pleasing enough expr, Ears a little heavy today. Good
temperament, response well to handler, calm one the table, nice puppy.
Nr 4 4-6 mnd
La-Min-So's Sweet As Honey, Sobel, født 07.05.2014 (Evad Shades Of Opal - La-Min-So's
Coral Lula) o. Vigdis berg, Jaren, Tone-Marit Fostvedt, Notodden Just a baby four month, not
too conf. at the table to day, look a promising puppy though, happy on the move, quite nice
standing. Pretty ears, and nice in profile.
Croft's Lady Eiro Gaga, født 27.03.2014 (SE Uch Lundecock's Run For Fun – Croft's Little
Lady) o. Andersen Janne, Sandnes,e. Ingunn Fagernes 5 ½ moths old bitch, very nice shape
and profile, ex rear angulations. Front and back leg nice when standing. Head a little longer
but not out of prop. To the body, long neck, level top line, long tail, good bone, temperament
very good and steady bitch on the table and on the move. Handled and presented very well.
Croft's Lady Eiro Kira, født 27.03.2014 (SE Uch Lundecock's Run For Fun – Croft's Little
Lady) o. Andersen Janne, Sandnes,e. Runar Folmo, Våler Smaller bitch through out. Happy
and confident on the table. Moved well for a puppy, good coat, and nice ears. Hopefully she
will grow a little more. Stands and shows nicely.
Goldmine's Xotic Sleeping Beauty, Sobel, født 16,04.2014 (N S UCH Joyland's Magic
Touch - Goldmine's Xiting Pocahontas) o. Pia C. Hunshammer, Flateby, e. Pia C.
Hunshammer/KristinHalvorsen, Flateby Attractively marked red golden sable, with good coat.
Longer and stronger out through than ideal for her age. Well constructed, good length of
neck, attractive in profile when standing, good strong bone, and moved well temp. Is very
good and confident and steady on the table and on move.
You’ ll See, Sobel, født 04.02.2014 (CH Shelteam Moonboy Dancer – CH Croft’s For You) o.
Wenche Tangen, Skogbygda, e. Torild Johnsen, Porsgrunn 7 mnth old, rich red sable
attractive marked, well presented, nice enough ears, good length of neck, nice size, quit nice
standing, but not so good on the move, appear to be crabbing. Temperament good, stood
well on the table, response well to handler. Nicely presented.
Tispevalper 6-9 måneder
Nr 1 4-6 mnd, 1BTK, BIR
Evros Watch This Pearl, sobel, født 08.02.1014 (Brilyn Bud Wiser at Lynnswed – Evros
True Turtledove) o. Sylvia Ardenstedt Blom, Sverige, e. Sofie Wollbraaten, Drøbak Very
appealing. Lovely type, pretty head, lovely shape, presented in nice coat, handled to
perfection, making the bet of a lovely puppy. Excels in her head features, exactly the type
and expression that I think the standard stands for. Very calm puppy on table, a little less
settled on the move. Good bone and ideal for size, stand nicely front and rear. Definately one
with a bright future.
Nr 2 6-9 mnd, 2BTK
Mainland's Come N Tell, født 01.02.2014 (SE Uch Lundecock's Run For Fun – N Uch
Mainland's Dream N Tell) o. Olafsen Vinny B, Ramnes, e. Ek, Eva og Arvid, Råde Attractive
marked olden sable, feminine through out, ideal size, nice shape when standing and viewed
in profile, head pretty through would prefer better stop. Moved well although high stepping in
the front. Temperament, mature performance, attentive to handler. Show herself of nicely.
Nr 3 6-9 mnd
Sheltiemoon Lollipop, sobel, født 29.12.2013 (SE Uch Lundecock’s Run For Fun –
Sheltiemoon Isabell) o. Grethe og Helge Mortensen, Vøyenenga, e. Grethe Mortensen,
Østbrenne Rich golden sable, she was showing nicely for her handler. Good size, nice length
of neck, long tail, good bone, neat feet, moved ok for her age. Temperament good.
Nr 4 6-9 mnd
Emerwen`s Ain`t She Sweet, Sobel, født 10.01.2014 (Rivergate`s Sain`t Saturn - Selma) o.
Randi S. Lauvrak/ Caroline Storhaug, Arendal, e. Randi Storhaug Lauvrak, Arendal Nice
size, good shape in profile, good length of neck. Nice head property through out. Eye could
be a little sweeter. Proportion through out, good bone. Unsettled on the table, but a nice
Mellsjøhøgda's Worth To Wait For, Sobel, født 17.01.2014 (Evad Shades Of Opal –
Mellsjøhøgda’s Pure Gold) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Sissel
Tangnes, Lillehammer Longer through out, and a little up to size. Goo substance and bone,
stands nicely at the back. Good coat, attractively marked, well handled, temperament good
on table and a steady mover.
Nr 1, BIMveteran
Int Uch Mellsjøhøgda's After Dark, Tricolour, født 15.12.2001 (N Uch Arcot Black Liquorice
- Karmell's Ronja Emilsdatter) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Gunn
Brekne Hallgrimsen, Svelvik Amazing cond. For his 13 years. Moves like a youngster, very
attentive and showing very nicely, his tricolor is jetblack in good condition., retains nice tan
markings, very nice ears and head. Stand nicely front and back. Good bone, and very neat,
full dentation. Rock solid temperament. Move well.
Nr 1, BIRveteran
Ch Leeland Unique Charm, Sobel, født 04.12.2005 (N UCH Stornaway Sawney Bean –
Leeland Moonshine) o. Aud Jorun og Helge Lie, Fjellhamar, e. Tonje Bø Vaksvik, Oslo Very
pretty shaded 9 years old sable bitch. Lovely in profile, nice angulation, in front and rare.
Nice head, good ears, which she uses to advantage. Very pretty expression, moved well,
ideal size, in good coat condition. Good temperament, steady on the table and on the move.
Nr 2
Ch Imaferrari Walk The Rainbow, Sobel, født 18.10.2004 (Imajan’s Norwegian Rainbow Ch Lundecock’s Lunacy) o. Ingrid Pettersen, Tistedal, e. Liv Aastad, Kolbotn Pretty ten year
old bitch, a little naughty like puppy on the move. Stands nicely. Nice short hocks, good
bone, good length of neck. Neat ears, pretty expression, everything in proportion. Good coat.
Well presented. Likely temperament.
Nr 3
N Uch Mainland's Riverdance, Sobel, født 30.09.2005 (GB CH N UCH Japaro Robaidh At
Lythwood – N UCH Groli's The New Memory) o. Olsen, Finn Helge, Sandnes e. Ek, Eva Og
Arvid, Råde 9 years old. Nice in profile, show very well for her handler. Good bone, pretty
head and ex., good ears. Neat feet, moved with drive, coat in ex. Condition. Good character.
Nr 4
Mellsjøhøgda's Electra, Sobel, født 02.05.2003 (Aust Ch Koniseur Kalmbforthstorm Mellsjøhøgda's Very Special) o. Sissel Tangnes og Johs Olsen, Lillehammer, e. Sissel
Tangnes, Lillehammer Attractive rich golden sable, nice shape and profile. Enjoying her day
out, good bone. Showing very well for her handler. Moved well. Pretty type. Quit feminine,
carrying a good coat. Good bone and neat feet. Temperament calm and good performance.

Nr 5/14 - Norsk Shetland Sheepdog Klubb