Actuators, Part II
Fred Donelson
Kevin McKone
A second actuator that is often
used is known as a solenoid
It moves a rod by electromagnetic
Click on the link below to learn the
basics on how a solenoid works:
Finally, we sometimes use the
pressure of fluids to move objects
When we use a gas as the fluid, we
call it a pneumatics system
When we
use liquid as
the fluid, we
call it a
Comparing Electrical and Fluid Actuators
A simple hydraulic system can be made
out of syringes and aquarium tubing
A simple ROV with a hydraulic actuator
Click the two links below to see some
simple but effective hydraulic systems
in action:
For ideas on building a linear
actuator with a motor and some
PVC, check out this link:
So … go have some fun and build
yourself an actuator!!