Intralox & Hydrolox
Who We Are
Hydrolox engineered
polymer screens is the
water screen brand of
Privately held, Louisiana
based co.
$335M+ annual revenue
1,600+ employees across
the globe
Customer Service
available 24/7/365
Sales methodology is
consultative -- helps
clients make the most of
equipment investment
and increase bottom line
What We Do
Water Screens
Fruit and vegetable
Material handling
Meat, poultry, seafood
Warehouse distribution
Hydrolox Traveling Screens
Hanover Irrigation District in Wyoming
• Four Hydrolox engineered polymer
vertical traveling screens
• Installed in 1990
• Moss debris removal
• At time of installation, was deemed
largest debris removal project in US
Hydrolox-Equipped Stacking Elevator
3’W x 75’L
Screening Issues
• Maintenance heavy
• Hard to work on when damaged or
needed repair
• Not reliable during heavy debris
events causing downtime
• Not fish friendly
• Could not handle large water
• Easily bio-fouled over time
Polymer Materials Designed
for Strength and Durability
 Individual engineered
polymer modules are
“bricklayed” to form screens
of any width and length
 Modules articulate around
engineered polymer hinge
rods and high-strength
patented polymer sprockets
Screen Strength
S1800 module sample
 Individual engineered polymer
modules have a smooth face
for improved cleaning, debris
Hydrolox Screen Design Reduces Costly
Maintenance and Downtime
 Positive drive system distributes load across the entire
screen width; eliminates mis-tracking and uneven wear
 Modular design allows easy repair on-site - simply
replace any damaged modules to like-new condition
 Does not require moving
parts to be submerged
Reducing wear and maintenance with frame design
• Frame designed for superior
• Chevron carry way reduces
wear points
• Evenly distributes load
across whole frame
• Eliminates weak points
Debris Handling
Debris Removal –Spray Bar
USBR – Rosa Dam
USBR – Chandler Dam
Debris Removal –Scraper Bar
Scraper Bar on the back
Scraper Bar on the front
What’s New?
Debris Pegs
Horizontal Screens Version 2.0
Horizontal 2.0
New Features
New spring take up system
Redesigned foot
Added rails for more support
Indicator for maintenance
New hold down tab
New Take Up
Redesigned Foot
New Tab and Rails
New Projects
• Ray Canal, Little Wind River, WY
• USBR Tracy Fish Collection
Facility, Tracy, CA
• Portland Gas & Electric North
Fork Floating Fish Collector
• Tacoma Power Cushman Floating
Fish Collector
Power Applications – Debris Handling
Entergy - Little Gypsy Power
• 1,000+ MW steam generation
power plant
• 14’ x 53’ vertical traveling screen in
abrasive lower Mississippi River
freshwater intake
• Prototype installed in April 2005
• Production version installed in June
• Zero maintenance after 5+ years of
run time
Contact Information:
[email protected]

No. 08 - Michael Laurent, Intralox, LCC