By Dev Vyas and Jan Willem
Quick summary of what happens in the
scene and the subject of conversation
Amanda pitching a sale to a subscriber
Argument between Amanda and Tom
Tinkling of shattering Glass
- “What right have you got to jeopardize your job –
jeopardize the security of us all?” (Pg 11 Amanda) Financial and the
imprisonment of his job. His job is prison because it does not interest
Tom calls himself a “slave” on page 10.
- “Why listen, if self is what I thought of Mother, I’d be
where he is – GONE!” (pg. 11) Refers to Tom’s father. Imprisoned
because of his duty to his family.
Escapes to the movie at night (he also goes drinking).
Staging devices
Screen Projections
“Glamour Magazine”
Lighting on Laura
“Turgid smoky red glow”
Intensifies the mood of conflict and anger
Falling to Knees
Tom falling to his knees out of desperation after breaking a
glass animal
Music (used with falling to knees)
Portrait of Father
Development of characterization
Controlling over the reading material; “bans” D.H. Lawrence
-Fears Tom’s desertion
Concerned with where Tom goes every night (e.g. the movies).
Fears that Tom is becoming like his father.
-Frustrated by his mundane job + home life
He would “rather die than go back to his job”. Uses rhetorical
questions in an aggressive manner. He is also sarcastic with his mother when
telling her where he is going.
- Desires adventure
MY HOUSE!” Page 10
-“You think I’m crazy about the warehouse?” Page
-“I’d rather somebody picked up a crowbar and
battered out my brains – than go back mornings!”
Page 11
Use of symbols
“The movies”
Tom’s form of escape. – Adventure
Glass menagerie
Laura’s fragile nature. The imprisoned dreams of the characters.
“Rise and shine”
How Amanda wants her children to feel – Displaced Optimism
The interruption of Tom’s writing
Limitation in Tom’s life.
Connections to ‘The Visit’.
Amanda’s paranoia mirrors that of Ill in Act 2.
Ill’s paranoia in Act 2 where townspeople buy things on
Tom’s being trapped
Ill is trapped by townspeople.
Animal symbolism
Tom, Amanda, Laura like animals in Menagerie.
Ill- Panther
Laura- Bird, Unicorn
Key quotations
“I’m going to the movies!” Tom  Escape
“Every time you come in yelling… that god damn ‘Rise and shine!’ –
‘Rise and shine!’ I say to myself ‘How lucky dead people are!’” – Tom Use of rise and shine – Displaced Optimism
Death as an escape
“Lower your voice!” – Amanda
Tom treated like a child
“You ugly – babbling old – witch” – Tom
Amanda is stunned and stupefied about the remark
What is the purpose of the scene and what would
be the consequences of omitting it from the play?