Third year of Cyrus – 536/535BC
Assuming Daniel was 18 in 605BC
when captured, he would now be
88 years old.
Vs 1 “Thing” is the Hebrew word dabar – can be
translated as a spoken matter or word.
Primarily used in reference to a speech or
Vs 2 Three weeks – mentioned 3 times in this
Vs 4 Twenty Four Day of the First Month.
Only date in the whole book of Daniel!
Could be March/April of 536BC (babylonian
March/April of 535BC (Jewish Calendar)
The Tigris River
Corrupted version of Hebrew word for Ophir both
know for their gold.
Collecion General de Documentos Relativos a las Islas
Filipinas – written 1519-1522 by Archivo General de
1 Golden Beryl
 2 Hedorite
 3 Emerald
 4 Morganite or Pure Beryl
Archangel Michael, the defender of
mankind, goes up against Archangel
Gabriel, God’s messenger, in the ultimate
battle for salvation in Columbia Pictures’
supernatural action-thriller “Legion.”
When God loses faith in mankind, He
sends a legion of angels led by Gabriel
(“Wolverine’s” Kevin Durand) to bring
on the apocalypse. Humanity’s only
hope lies in a group of strangers trapped
in a desert diner and the Archangel
Michael (“The Da Vinci Code’s” Paul
Daniel 10:13,21
Daniel 12:1
Jude 9
Revelation 12:7
Prince (The Chief or First Prince)
Archangel (1 Thess 4:16)
Fought against the Dragon
Stands up from the Throne and delivers His
people in a time of trouble.
Fights over Moses' body with the Devil.
His name means Who is like God.