Our mission is to promote ethical
behavior and community involvement
within the DeGroote School of
Business through planning events that
encourage DeGroote students to make
a positive difference in the community
around them
The committee consists of a 9 person
exec team, all of whom have played a
vital role in planning all of our events
this year.
Our vision is that all students that
pass through the DeGroote School of
Business will emerge prepared to lead
in corporate social responsibility in
their future workplaces
We hold multiple events
throughout the year, some of
these include;
‣ CIBC Run for
the Cure
‣ Movember
‣ Valentine’s
Home Visit
5 Days for
the Homeless
5 Days was founded at the University of Alberta’s business
school in 2005 when business students saw growing
homelessness in their community and wanted to do something
about it
3 Students decided that they would live outside for a week as if
they were homeless in order to raise money to support their local
youth shelter
In it’s first year the campaign raised $2000, double what their
expectations had been
Over the next two years students at the
University of Alberta focused on growing the
campaign through getting public figures to
support their cause and reaching out to
corporate sponsors
In 2008 they expanded outside of Alberta into 10
universities across Canada
In 2009 there were 17 schools, and now, in 2013
wehave 26 universities who have participated
The national campaign has raised $975 000
since 2005, and with the totals from the
2013 campaign we have easily broken 1
During these “5 Days” students from
business schools across Canada live as if
they were homeless in order to raise
awareness and funds for homeless shelters
in their area
1) Remain on campus for five days. The campaign
begins 5pm local time on the Sunday of the campaign
week and ends at 5pm local time on the Friday.
2) Have no income. 100% of the funds donated to
individual campaigns are passed on to their choice of
local homeless youth organization.
3) Have no food or drinks. Food can only be received
through direct donations, and all non-perishable food
must be kept and used as a donation for a shelter.
4) Have only a pillow and a sleeping bag. These items
can be exchanged for an emergency meal.
5) Have no access to showers, or facilities to which
their student status would usually grant them
access. Washrooms can only be accessed when
campus buildings are open.
6) Sleep outside. The only exception is if inclement
weather becomes a health risk.
7) Attend all classes. Participants will complete all
academic and extra curricular responsibilities,
including student organizations and teaching
8) Avoid personal communication media.
Participants will be expected to not use cell
phone or online social networking websites
(Facebook, etc) during the Five Days campaign
except for the purposes of promoting the
campaign. Each region is required to have at
least one cell phone for safety purposes.
9) Write about their experiences. Participants’
experiences will be posted on an online blog
available on www.5days.ca.
The Notre Dame house is
the charity to which all
funds that are donated will
go to
It is Hamilton’s ONLY youth
shelter, serving those
between 16 and 21
Notre Dame house offers not only a bed and
shelter for youth that are currently living on
the street but also provides services that help
them finish school, get jobs, and find
affordable housing
It also caters to at risk youth, providing
programs to help them keep a roof over their
heads and any support that they may need.
Dealing with homelessness is always a hard
issue because it comes with many stereotypes
One of the points that we fought hard to get
across was that youth homelessness
especially, isn’t always a direct effect of
someone’s actions
We started planning 5 Days in September
Planning got more intense once we returned
from Christmas Break
Everything from the logistics of where the
sleepers would live, liability forms, holding
interviews, finding sponsorship, getting in
contact with media outlets, and quickly
transferring information to the website fell
under the planning category.
Making sure as much cash as possible went to
the charity
Finding sources of funding (sponsorship)
Finding volunteers to help out during the week
Designing a campaign that was both interactive
enough to engage university students but also
showed that homelessness is a serious issue that
needs attention.
$1300 from the DCS
$500 from MSU grant
$200 from Westdale BIA
Space booking ($250)
Door to door donation cards ($415)
Posters/Advertising (donated)
T-shirts ($500)
Bracelets ($140)
Various Supplies ($120)
Discount Truck (donated/$200)
Our goal going into the campaign was to
raise $12,000 (an $2,000 increase from last
We have currently raised over $10,000, and
online donations are still accepted until
March 30th.
Thanks for listening!

DeGroote Impact - McMaster University