New Students’ Orientation
American University of
Beirut Libraries
Information Services Department
Summer 2011
AUB Libraries
= Jafet /Engineering/Science
Saab Medical Library
JAFET - Central Library
located behind the College
Branch Libraries (Lower campus)
Engineering &
Architecture Library
Science & Agriculture
Saab Medical Library
Located off campus near AUBMC
Types of Sources :
Public Health
Library Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 7:30 am – 12:00 am
Saturday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday: Noon – 12:00 am
During Reading Periods and Final Exams
Reading Rooms open
24 hours
Why Using the LIBRARY ?
 Houses a collection of academic resources
aligned with the curriculum.
 Resources are selected by faculty and
 Has knowledgeable librarians to help you
locate the proper resources.
Resources we offer you
 Books/ E-books
 Journals/ E-journals
 Databases general and core
 Audiovisuals items of all format
 Newspapers/ E-Newspapers
 Theses/ Projects (which are digitized)
Photographs/ Posters/ Maps
Arabic Manuscripts (some of which are digitized)
Finding Library Holdings
Use the Library Catalog (AUBCAT)
AUBCAT - The Online Public Access Catalog is a
database holding the bibliographic records of the
University Libraries collections (books, audios,
journals, theses, manuscripts, ….)
On-campus and Off-campus access
My Account
Access borrowing details
Ask a Librarian (for research help)
Where do I Borrow ,
Return or Renew
Access Services Department:
A valid AUB ID is required for borrowing:
 Undergraduates
10 books/2weeks
 Graduates
25 books/4 weeks
Late renewal or Late return items are
subject to fines
• 1000L.L./Day - standard
• 10000L.L./Day - short term
Fines are paid at the Cashier’s Office
Where do I find previous exams and
readings which my professor has
placed on Reserve?
Print materials: Go to the Access Services Desk.
Online materials: Check the E-reserve found on
the library webpage under collections.
Networked Printers:
 AUB net account is required
 To set the account go to the Cashier's Office at College
Hall or you can do it online.
 Cost is15,000 LL – 250 units
 Magnetic card is needed
 Card could be purchased near the
 Cost is 5000 L.L. – 100 units
Can I research a topic , access Moodle, use
AUBsis, send e-mails… in the libraries?
TROUBLESHOOTING!!! Need assistance?
A TECHNICIAN is always available during library
opening hours
How to setup WIRELESS connection?
1. Register your
Laptop Name
2. Install the License
on your laptop
At the Computing and Networking Services – CNS
You will be able to work on your laptop in all libraries
Anywhere, Anytime !!!
Most of our Resources are
accessible off Campus.
You will be prompted to enter your
AUB net account:
AUB Username
AUB Password
(e.g. cpc01)
Do you need
in your research?
Visit our Reference Desk
Call us on: 2620/2621
Ask a Librarian
Group Study Areas
are made
May be used by groups of 2 and up to 6
For a maximum of 3 hours/day
Reserve Reading Room
Quiet Study Areas
What really bothers library users?
Eating & drinking
Excessive noise
Loud talkers
Mobile phones!
Mobile phones!
Please Be Considerate!
 We are here to help you with your research
 A valid AUB ID is required for borrowing
 Your laptop needs to be registered with CNS for
wireless connection
 An AUB Net account is required for using the internet
and all online resources
 Almost all our online sources are remotely accessible
 Rules & regulations of the libraries should be respected
 Integrity in use of technology is expected to be
What are your QUESTIONS?
University Libraries is the answer 

Quick Orientation - American University of Beirut