Decentralized Training
Intellectual Property Management
Umeå, Sweden 18 – 19 June 2013
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1. Reaching Umeå
2. Accomodation &
3. Currency
4. Emergency information
a. Emergency numbers
b. Nearby hospital
c. Pharmacies
5. Places of interest
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1. Reaching Umeå
Umeå, is located some 600 km north of
Stockholm and about 400 km south of the Artic Circle. Umeå is a center of education, technical
and medical research in Sweden, with two universities and over 37 000 students. It is easy
reachable with over 15 flights per day from Stockholm airports; Arlanda and Bromma. Flight
time from Stockholm to Umeå is approx. 1 hour
From Bromma (Stockholm City Airport):
From Arlanda: ,
From Umeå airport to Umeå city center:
Bus: 10 minutes and the fee is 45 SEK (4€). Pay directly to the driver with credit card – not
possible to pay with cash.
Taxi: Approx. 170 SEK (15€). Credit cards are accepted.
Umeå Folkets Hus
Skolgatan 59
903 29 Umeå
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2. Accomodation & Registration
Register here
Since the training take place during the Midsummer Night week, we
decided to prebook a number of rooms at Scandic Plaza, in the center of
Úmeå. Please book your room when register for the training
If you decide to choose another hotel, gives a good
Please note that participants should make their own travel
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3. Currency
Swedish Krona, SEK
1 euro ~ 8,71 SEK
You can pay by credit card almost everywhere; in
kiosks, taxis, buses, hotels,…
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4. Emergency information
a. European emergency number: 112
b. Hospital: Norrland’s University Hospital, phone:
+46 90 785 00 00,,0,744345184075274300&ei=ODYvUbfQOsnV4QTv34DgCw&ved=0CAEQ5xgwAA
c. Pharmacies: Kronans Droghandel,
Renmarkstorget 9; Apoteket Järven,
Renmarkstorget 12; Apoteket MVG, Kungsgatan
52; Apoteket Kungspassagen, Kungsgatan 65.
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3. Places of interest
• Umedalen Skulptur,
• Bildmuseet,
• Check the Aurora Forcast,
• Visit IKSU, the largest training facility in
• Midsummer in Sweden,
[email protected]

1. Reaching Umeå - Uminova Innovation