Gender Mainstreaming
Strategic Issue
• Something that is critical to the long term
success or failure of the programme
- addressing this issue therefore justifies the
allocation of significant programme
resources and time
Nearly all Countries have :
• Gender Policy
• Gender Ministry
• Have signed up to international treaties on
• Committed to MDG3 – promote gender
equality and empower women
• But what happens to gender policy?
The Policy – Implementation Gap
Why policy doesn’t get turned into action:
• Does shiree make any commitments about
• Have these evaporated, become invisible or
been resisted?
Women’s Empowerment vs
Gender mainstreaming
Women’s empowerment – actions that are targeted
specifically towards women. Aimed at redressing
the historical exclusion and power imbalance from
which women and girls have suffered
eg. Support to female entrepreneurs, training for
female parliamentarians, action against gender
based violence,
Gender Mainstreaming
• Looking at all programmes/actions through
a “gender lens”
- ie considering the differential impact of our
actions, systems, processes on men and
women (boys/girls). Taking a gender
perspective on everything from employment
law to budgeting processes to infrastructure
• Has shiree enacted any women’s
empowerment measures?
• Are we adopting a gender mainstreaming
Balanced Scorecard – adapted to shiree
Accountability to HQ
Are we following DFID policy n
Gender Equity? Are we following GoB
Partners / Clients &
How do NGOs perform on
gender equity? Do we use our
contracting influence?
Gender Equity
in Bangladesh
Innovation & Learning
What are we doing to learn from
experience and to improve our
performance on Gender Issues?
Internal Operations &
Do we follow gender
equity in Internal
Programme Activites?
We are doing great
We are making some real attempts and getting there
We are aware of this issue but haven’t done much
about it
This is totally off our radar!
Self Evaluation
We are following
DFID and GoB policy
on gender
We actively pursue
gender equity in our
relations with
Programme systems
and procedures
encompass gender
equity (eg HR policy)
We are actively
reviewing and
performance on
What can we do to improve?
• On accountability to sponsors
• On relations with partners
• On internal systems and processes
• On learning and innovation
Developing a gender action plan
Practice using the gender lens!
-- whatever decision we are making think about how
it affects men and how it affects women, is there
any difference? How could we change things to
make them more gender sensitive? Do we need to
change our consultation processes? Do we need to
change the way we monitor and present data?
The CMS tools
The influence we bring to bear on partners
The planning of our advocacy events
The work of programme managers