Elimination of barriers to trade,
communication and cultural
Process in which society goes
thorough industrialisation,
urbanisation and other social
Loss of language
 People communicate better when speaking widely-known languages
 Conduct businesses
 Communicating with foreigners
 School teaches languages that are commonly used in societies
 Smaller number of people using native languages
Impacts of loss of language
 With the loss of native language, comes the loss of culture
 A language provides words and concept unavailable in others
 Brings appreciation of other cultures
Loss of interest in local culture
 Global brands dominate consumer market worldwide
 Creates a homogeneous culture across the globe
 McDonalds, Starbucks, Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola
Impacts of loss of interest in local culture
 Influenced youths lose interest in local culture
 Aspects of culture such as food, music and media would be gone
 Following generation unable to appreciate such unique cultures
Spread of ideas
 Spreading of ideas
 Range of understanding and acceptance of such ideas increase
 Information overload leads to wider acceptance of ideas
Impacts of spread of ideas
 Spread of negative ideas such as terrorism and drug abuse
Brain gain
 Spread of culture
 People in host countries able to better interact with foreigners and learn
their cultures
Impacts of brain gain
 People are more knowledgeable
 Able to interact with locals on holiday in foreign country
 Greater understanding of other cultures
 Improve relationship between different cultures
Loss of traditional food
 Uprising of new kinds of food e.g. fast food
 Preferred by the youngsters
 With less people appreciating traditional food, it become extinct eventually
Impacts of loss of traditional food
 Unable to obtain local knowledge cultures
 May contain important information to understanding human history, preferences
in food in different parts of the world
Loss of traditional media
 Traditional media such as “Getai” or Shakespearean plays
 Taken over by new wave of movies and television dramas
 Youth attracted to newer forms of media
 Possible extinction of traditional media
Impacts of loss of traditional media
 Some traditional media has moral values incorporated in them
 Loss of moral teaching of culture
 Inability to retrieve them anymore if it is lost
Loss of traditional games
 Traditional games such as “chapteh” or “five stones”
 Taken over by newer better games such as “PlayStation”, “Wii” and
 Youth are attracted to more interactive and entertaining games
Impacts of loss of traditional games
 Following generations unable to appreciate traditional games
 Traditional games requires skills and creative methods to play them
 Children of new generations loses creativity and innovativeness
Loss of language
Loss of interest in culture
Spread of homosexuality
Brain gain
• Loss of traditional food
• Loss of traditional media
• Loss of traditional games

Impact of Globalization & Modernization on Culture