Industry Research :Data Company
Bloomberg Overview and History
Core Business: Professional Services
Reuters Overview and History
Core Business: Corporates and Media
Introduction: Data Industry
• Main Players:
• Reuters
• Bloomberg
Bloomberg Overview and History
• Bloomberg L.P. is an information services, news
and media company serving customers around
the world
• Bloomberg Professional Service
• Bloomberg Electronic Trading Systems
• Bloomberg News
• Bloomberg Radio
• Bloomberg Television
• Bloomberg Interactive Television
• Bloomberg Magazine Group
• Bloomberg Press
Bloomberg -- History
• Founded in 1981
• Including information services, news and media
company, mainly provides real-time financial data.
• Serving in 126 countries around the world.
• Headquartered in New York.
• Employs more than 8200 people in 108 offices
• Financial information network
• Core business of Bloomberg
• Integrates data, news, analytics, multimedia
reports and e-mail into a single platform
• Market professionals around the world
• use the service to make informed decisions and
complete transactions
• Launch date: December, 1982
• Countries served: 126
• Market sector coverage: Government, equity,
corporate, mortgage, money market, municipal,
preferred equity, commodities, indices, currencies and
• Exchange Connectivity: 250 exchanges including:
Nasdaq, Nasdaq Intermarket, NYSELondon Stock
Exchange-SETS,Tokyo Stock Exchange, Exchange of
Hong Kong
• Equity coverage: 246,000 securities in 129 countries and
153,000 companies from 250 exchanges
• Bond coverage: 530,000 corporate bonds, 53,700
government bonds, 10,180 preferred, 256,000 mortgages,
21,000 money market programs, 30,100 syndicated loans
and 3,490,000 municipal bonds
• Fund Coverage: 80,000 funds covering 72 countries
• Contributors: More than 6,000 additional sources of
contributed information and pricing feeds
• Pricing (US): $1350 per month per workstation (multiple
system clients) $1700 per month per workstation (single
system clients)
Road Shows:
• Launched in 1998, and SEC approved,
• the worldwide standard for electronic securities
• This multimedia service, featuring synchronized
slides, audio and streaming video, is an
• Vehicle for issuers and underwriters who want to
enhance their new issue presentations.
BLOOMBERG Data License
• Provide flexible access to more than 4 million
instruments spanning all global capital markets.
• Maintains security reference information,
• derived data, corporate-action announcements,
• company financials and daily/historical pricing.
• Nearly 5,000 unique data elements stored in
• Bloomberg’s data warehouse allow users to fuel
• their internal applications with the same quality
Reuters Overview and History
• Reuters is a global information company
providing indispensable information tailored
for professionals in the financial services,
media and corporate markets
• Business into four customer segments.
• Services for Asset Managers
• Investment Banking
• Treasury Services
• Corporate & Media
Reuters Overview and History
• Founded in London in 1851
• Connects over 250,000 financial professionals via its
instant messaging service, Reuters Messaging
• Data provided on 960,000+ shares, bonds and other
financial instruments
• Information on 40,000 companies
• Financial information from 244 exchanges and OTC
• Over 16,000 staff in 220 cities in 94 countries
• Listed on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ
Reuters-Core Business
• Corporates and Media comprises two
• Media is the traditional heart of the company.
We have been serving the media industry for
more than 150 years. Media represents Reuters
news business and provides a broad array of
products including text/print services, pictures,
TV/video, books and online services.
• Corporates serves customers outside financial
services and the media, providing research,
advisory and business intelligence services.