I wasn't God's first choice for
what I've done for China…I
don't know who it was…It must
have been a man…a welleducated man. I don't know
what happened. Perhaps he
died. Perhaps he wasn't
willing…and God looked
down…and saw Gladys
Aylward…And God said - "Well,
she's willing."
Gladys Aylward
British Protestant Christian missionary to China in the
1930s and 1940s. Her story was told in the book The
Small Woman by Alan Burgess.
I have but one passion - it
is He, it is He alone. The
world is the field and the
field is the world; and
henceforth that country
shall be my home where I
can be most used in
winning souls for Christ.
Count Zinzindorf
Founder of the Herrnbuter (Moravian Brethren).
While vast continents are
shrouded in darkness…the
burden of proof lies upon
you to show that the
circumstances in which God
has placed you, were meant
by God to keep you out of
the foreign mission field.
Ion Keith-Falconer
Missionary and Arabic scholar to London in the
God's work done in
God's way, will never
lack God's supplies.
J. Hudson Taylor
First missionary to the interior of China and
the founder of the China Inland Mission.
He must increase, but I
must decrease.
John the Baptist
The Indian is making an
amazing discovery, namely
that Christianity and Jesus
are not the same - that they
may have Jesus without the
system that has been built
up around Him in the West.
E. Stanley Jones
20th century Methodist Christian missionary and
theologian to India.
The saddest thing one
meets is a nominal
Christian. I had not seen it
in Japan where missions
is younger. The church
here is a "field full of
wheat and tares.
Amy Carmichael
Christian missionary in India
I used to think that prayer
should have the first place
and teaching the second. I
now feel it would be truer to
give prayer the first, second,
and third places and
teaching the fourth.
James O. Fraser
20th century British Protestant Christian missionary
to the Lisu people of China with the China Inland
What are we here for, to
have a good time with
Christians or to save
Malla Moe
Norwegian pioneer missionary to South Africa
The greatest missionary is
the Bible in the mother
tongue. It needs no furlough
and is never considered a
William Cameron Townsend
Stimulator of linguistic research among ethnic
minorities and champion of their cultural dignity.
Two distinguishing
marks of the early
church were: 1) Poverty,
and 2) Power.
T.J. Bach
Scandinavian Alliance Mission General
Do not think me mad. It is
not to make money that I
believe a Christian should
live. The noblest thing a
man can do is, just humbly
to receive, and then go
amongst others and give.
David Livingstone
1800s Scottish Presbyterian pioneer medical
missionary with the London Missionary Society
and explorer in central Africa.
From my many years
experience I can
unhesitatingly say that the
cross bears those who bear
the cross.
Sadhu Sundar Singh
Indian evangelist 1889-1929
Christians don't tell
lies, they just go to
church and sing them
A.W. Tozer
American pastor, preacher, author,
magazine editor, Bible conference
speaker, and spiritual mentor.