Sydney Harbour Bridge
By Victoria Gerace
My 5 Questions
When did the Sydney Harbour Bridges construction start and end?
Construction on the Harbour Bridge started in 1924 and finished in
Who built the Harbour Bridge? 1,400 men helped build the Sydney
Harbour Bridge.
Why did they build the Harbour Bridge? It was built to connect the
central business district of Sydney with the populated areas on
the North Shore of Sydney. Ferries also cross the waters of Port
Who decided to build the Harbour Bridge? Dr John Job Crew
Bradfield came up with the idea to build the Sydney Harbour
How long did it take to build the harbour bridge? Construction
started in 1924 and ended in 1932 so it took 8 years to build the
whole Sydney Harbour Bridge.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a very famous
landmark in Sydney Harbour known as the
‘Coat Hanger’. It officially opened on 19th of
March 1932.
Descpription- Construction
Construction on the Harbour Bridge started in
1924 and finished in 1932. It took eight years
to construct the whole thing. About 1,400
men took place in this construction and about
16 died. The person who decided to construct
the Sydney Harbour Bridge’s name was Dr
John Job Crew Bradfield.
Description- The Landmark
As the Landmark: People from all around the
world come to Sydney Harbour to see the
world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Description- Population
The Sydney Harbour Bridge’s population is about
20,000 people a day! That is a lot of people!
How has The Sydney Harbour Bridge
Shaped the Australian Identity?
Because now when some people think of
Australia, they think of the states in Australia
and when they think of Sydney (In New South
Wales), they will think of the Sydney Opera
House, the Botanical Gardens and the Sydney
Harbour Bridge. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is
a VERY famous landmark.
Thank you for watching my slide show on
Sydney Harbour Bridge! 

Sydney Harbour Bridge