Douglas was a member of the
U.S. team that won the gold
medal in the team finals at the
2011 World Artistic Gymnastics
Championships in Tokyo, Japan.
 The first African- American
woman to win a gold medal in
 Her performance at 2010 Pan
Championships placed Douglas
at fifth all-around and won her
a share of the U.S. team gold
 "Her unique, flexibility, body
alignment and form has led her
to be compared with threetime Olympian Dominique
Dawes," states an article
Gabby was born on
December 31, 1995 in
Virginia beach, Virginia.
Gabby began formal
gymnastics training at 6
years old.
And won state
championship by the time
she was eight.
She moved away from her
hometown and family in
2010 to pursue training with
a world-reowned Olympic
She was selected to
complete with the U.S
Olympic woman’s
gymnastics team at the 2012
Summer Olympics.
Her parents are Timothy Douglas and Natalie Hawkins.
At the age of 3, she perfected a straight cartwheel using a
technique that she learned from her older sister.
By the age of 4, Douglas has taught herself how to do a onehanded cartwheel.
In 2004, she was named a Virginia State Gymnastics
Her first experience with gymnastics came at the age of 3.
This Technology Connection
is about Gabby’s book,
Grace, Gold, & Glory.
Gabby’s New Book Discusses
Quitting Gymnastics,
Deadbeat Dad, and Racism.
Douglas will go down in
history books as the first
African-American woman to
win the prestigious individual
all-around gold, just one
year ago, Douglas wanted
to walk away from the sport.
In the book Gabby was
saying how her dad kept
telling everyone how he
supported her, but she says
he really didn’t.
Gabby Douglas
Usan Bolt
Mark Spitz
Salary/Winnings Endorsements
I chose Gabby Douglas for this project
because I’ve heard a lot about her and
wanted to learn more. Also, I have seen
her in the Olympics and didn’t know she
was going to be this famous.
What I liked about this project was how I
got to learn more things about Gabby
and having fun doing it.

Gabrielle Douglas!