Puritanism is the haunting fear
that someone, somewhere
may be happy.
H.L. Mencken
People who wanted to purify the Church of
England from within.
T: Total Depravity
 U: Unconditional Election
 L: Limited Atonement
 I: Irresistible Grace
 P: Perseverance of the saints
Total Depravity
Concept of “Original
 “In Adam’s Fall, We
Sinned All”
 Due to Adam and Eve’s
fall from grace, we are
all born sinful and fall
short of the glory of
Unconditional Election
God “saves” only a few select
 Concept of Predestination
 Those who are saved are known as “The Elect”
Limited Atonement
Jesus died for the
chosen, not for
Irresistible Grace
God’s grace is freely given.
 It can neither be earned or denied.
Perseverance of the Saints
The members of the
elect have the right to
interpret the will of
 Those who are
members of the elect
will live uprightly.
Puritan Plain Style
Plainness in speech,
writing, and dress.
 Clothing-black,
brown, gray
 Worked 300 days a
 Did NOT celebrate
Christmas-viewed as
a pagan remnant.
Puritan Work Ethic
Through hard work
one could obtain
material and social
 Material and social
success a sign one was
a member of the elect.
Function of Puritan Writing
To transform a
mysterious God
 To make God more
relevant to the
 To glorify God
Types of writing
– Poetry
– Narratives (journals)
– Letters