“Study abroad! It may seem
daunting to move to a
completely different country
but I promise you it will be
the best few months of your
Also, go into the experience
with an open mind because
study abroad offers so many
Louis: Bocconi University-GW Exchange things that you will miss out
by staying within your
Major: International Business
comfort zone. ”
Study Abroad Fact:
In 2011-2012, 1,193 GW undergraduate students studied abroad—
that’s 50% of the junior class!
“Even though I had my mind
set on studying abroad in
Paris, it didn't take much to
convince me to change my
plans. All I needed was
someone to encourage me
to look beyond the common
study abroad locations and
to push myself out of my
comfort zone.”
Caitlin: CIEE Dakar, Senegal
Major: Political Communication
Study Abroad Fact:
GW approves over 400 programs in more than 60 countries!
The ten most popular destinations for 2011-2012 include the UK, Spain,
France, Italy, Australia, Argentina, Ireland, China, South Africa, and Chile.
Shayda: Korea University-GW Exchange
Major: Electrical Engineering
“Studying abroad in Seoul, the city
where Samsung Electronics is
based, made sense as an
electrical engineer. My professors
constantly made connections to
working in the industry as a circuit
Study Abroad Fact:
Students in all majors can study abroad! GW sends 40% of undergraduate Business
School students abroad and has special partnerships for students in SEAS.
If you’re in a more restrictive major, discussion with your academic advisor and
early planning are key to ensuring you can study abroad.
Hilary: ACC Beijing
Major: International Affairs
“The most meaningful aspect of
studying abroad in Beijing was
learning how to speak the Chinese
language more fluently.
Because my program is so
demanding and requires all
students to only speak Chinese (no
even one word of English is
allowed!), my Chinese improved
Study Abroad Fact:
Language study is one of the top
reasons GW students study abroad.
Some nights, I would even have
dreams in Chinese. That's when I
realized that studying abroad really
had paid off!”
Kevin: GW Chile
Major: American Studies
Study Abroad Fact:
GW has four of its own Study
GW England
(London, Oxford, Brighton, & Leeds)
GW Paris
GW Madrid
GW Latin America
(Costa Rica, Chile, & Argentina)
“The homestay is really one of the best parts of study abroad. The host
family eases your cultural transition while also challenging you to keep
immersing yourself in your host country. The host family also provides
you a constant source of answers to any and all questions you have
about the culture. My host family was an indispensable and incredible
part of my year abroad.”
Tarique: CIEE Salvador da Bahia
Major: International Affairs
“After a year of studying
Portuguese, I was ready to go to
Brazil and practice the language.
My classes, both in language and
other disciplines, were more
hands-on and have given me more
experience and have prepared me
for the “real-world.” It was nice to
have that as a complement to my
theoretical work that I had done at
Study Abroad Fact:
GW has basic eligibility requirements
for study abroad, including a 2.75
GPA, but many programs have their
own requirements.
Study Abroad Fact:
Most federal and
institutional financial aid
applies while you are
abroad for a semester or
full year.
Chloe: CIEE Jordan
In addition, GW offers 5
scholarships for study
abroad. There are also
many external organizations
that offer scholarships for
study abroad.
Majors: International Affairs
“Of course, the GW Blog Abroad Scholarship assisted me financially.
Moreover, the GW Blog Abroad Scholarship helped me to find my
voice by writing on issues of social justice, socioeconomic
development and cross-culture exchanges experienced abroad.”
“Through FOFAC, I met faculty
members who have also spent
time abroad, got involved with
great opportunities on campus
relating to study abroad, and
became friends with exchange
students from around the world.
FOFAC definitely made my
transition back to life at GW so
much easier and more fun than
it would have been otherwise!”
Study Abroad Fact:
Study abroad in the fall and become
part of GW’s Focus on Fall Abroad
Community (FOFAC) for guaranteed
housing, possible scholarships, &
special events!
Jennie: CIEE Sevilla, Spain
Major: American Studies
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