Fukushima Nuclear Disasters
Lessons for US
On the eve of the fourth anniversary
of Fukushima nuclear disaster,
President’s Committee on Campus
Sustainability, Environmental Studies
and International Studies invite you to
a panel discussion on Fukushima
Nuclear Disasters and Lessons for the
Prof. Mike Edelstein, Izumi OsawaMinevich and Kelly Odowd (student).
Date: February 26th , 2015.
Venue: H wing Auditorium
Time: 1:00-2:30 pm.
Through discussion of nuclear energy
challenges and disasters in Chernobyl,
Fukushima and Indian Point (New
York) our panelists will draw attention
to the imminent challenges of nuclear
Contact Neriko Doerr or Sangha Padhy
Extension 7381 for accommodations