Finger Lakes Community College
Veteran Advocacy Council
Board of Trustees Presentation
October 2, 2013
Sarah Whiffen, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs
Corinne Canough, Director, Educational Planning & Career Services
• Memorandum of Understanding signed between
Canandaigua VA & FLCC regarding the VITAL grant
– Allows for consultation and collaboration between
two entities to support veterans throughout the
college experience.
• Offered a multi-faceted training to faculty & staff
over the course of 2012-2013
– Over 20 veteran “advocates” were trained
– Each campus center has at least one advocate on staff
– Advocate “logo” designed for easy recognition
Programs & Services
• Conducted a session with student veterans to
determine how the VA could better support them
• Surveyed current student veterans for needs to
better guide our future efforts
• Coordinated a student veteran resume-building
workshop in collaboration with the Canandaigua
VA and Finger Lakes Works/Ontario County
Workforce Development
2013-2014 Happenings
• New Student Orientation had a dedicated orientation
leader (student) who worked with student veterans during
the program and discussed programs and services on
campus for support
• Veteran-focused College Studies Strategies course will be
run during the second mini-mester session of fall 2013
• Annual campus Veterans Day Celebration will occur on
• Continue to offer advocate training
• Update and enhance the FLCC veteran website
• Work with VITAL grant to continue service for students on
our campus two-three times per week
• Establish FLCC formally as “veteran friendly” status
Why “Veteran-Friendly”?
• Sites are often promoted through the military
to active members who will be discharged
• Military friendly is a common baseline that
allows students to understand what services
colleges have that support the veteran
• “Veteran Friendly” is defined in a way that
addresses both the institution’s and student’s
Veteran Advocacy Council Membership
David Andrews, VITAL Grant support
Corinne Canough, Educational Planning & Career
Patricia Quinlan-Clark, Faculty member
William Cunnane, student & president, veterans’
student club
Jennie Erdle, Student Life
Richard Gray, Financial Aid counselor & FLCC certifying
Andrea Parker, Project Success academic coach
Joshua Pollock, student
Heman Sweet, Faculty member & club advisor
Sarah Whiffen, AVP of Student Affairs

Finger Lakes Community College Veteran Advocacy Council