Common Application Key for IB Course Titles
Students should use the following exam titles when completing the Academic History
section on the Common Application. Students should list exams already taken first,
followed by those anticipated to be taken. These exam titles vary in contrast to the titles
used when completing Current Year Courses. For current courses, students are expected
to record the same titles as appearing on the student schedule.
Harrison High School Course Title
Common Application Exam Title
Language (Area 1)
IB English HL
English A1-HL
Individuals and Society (Area 3)
IB History HL
IB History SL
IB Economics SL
IB Psychology HL
IB Psychology SL
IB Business SL
Hist. Americas-HL-English
Hist. Americas-SL-English
Bus. & Man.-SL-English
Mathematics (Area 5)
IB Math Studies
Math. Studies-SL-English
The Arts (Area 6)
IB Visual Arts HL
IB Visual Arts SL
IB Music HL
IB Music SL
IB Theatre HL
IB Theatre SL
Visual Arts-HL-English
Visual Arts A-SL-English
Music GR. Perf. SL-English
Theatre Arts-HL-English
Theatre Arts-SL-English
Experimental Science (Area 4)
IB Biology HL
IB Physics HL
IB Physics SL
IB Environmental Systems SL
IB Design Technology SL
IB Dance HL
IB Dance SL
Environ. Systems-SL-English
Design Tech.-SL-English
Second Language (Area 2)
IB French SL
IB Italian SL
IB Spanish SL
IB Latin SL
French B-SL
Italian B-SL
Spanish B-SL
Theory of Knowledge
Theory of Knowledge
Theory Knowl. TK-English
Harrison High School Guidance Department, July 30, 2013

Common Application Key for IB Course Titles