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Metamorphic Rocks Guided Notes
Metamorphic means
Sources of Metamorphic rocks:
These rocks become metamorphic rocks when they are __________.
1. ____________ conditions (where they form)
2. ____________
3. ____________ (what rock or rock type it came from)
Common Metamorphic Rocks:
Rock Name
Parent Rock
Causes of Metamorphic rocks:
Form when _____________ and ________________ change the rock.
Sources of Heat:
Increase in __________________ due to __________________ (20-30
degrees Celsius per kilometer below the Earth’s surface).
o Caused by ________________________
o Type of Metamorphism _______________________
Essential Question:
Increase in __________________ due to __________________ (100-300
degree Celsius per km below the Earth’s surface)
o Caused by ___________________
o Type of Metamorphism _______________________
Intrusion by __________________
o Type of Metamorphism _______________________
Sources of Pressure
Weight of __________________ (1 cubic foot of granite weighs 167
____________________________ (side by side movement)
Effects of Metamorphism on rocks
______________ such as _________ and ____________ are destroyed
_________________ between grains is lost due to
Rock _______________ increases
__________________ are flattened, enlarged and elongated.
Types of Metamorphism
Regional Metamorphism
o Occurs in ______________________
o Occurs in response to ____________________ by large areas of
o Occurs with _________________________ (collision boundary)
o Can have a range in grade of metamorphic rocks.
Dynamic Metamorphism
o Occurs between ____________________ (very localized and
happens quickly)
Thermal or Contact Metamorphism
o Occurs when rock comes into contact with ____________ or hot
____________________ (geysers and hot springs)

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