Non-Fiction Text Features
Title- tells the topic of the text.
2. Table of Contents- tells us what the major chapters of the book will be
about and where they are.
3. Headings and subheadings- tells us what the major sections of a chapter
will be about.
4. Captions and labels- tells us what pictures, diagrams, and graphs are
showing us.
5. Bold key words- tells us important vocabulary words.
6. Index- tells us where we can find specific information on topics in the book.
7. Glossary- gives definitions for important vocab in the text.
8. Graph- to organize information containing numbers.
9. Diagram- to show the parts of something.
10. Chart or table- to compare information visually.
11. Map- to show locations, routes, and events.
12. Time Line- To show when things happened.
13. Map Legend- To explain the meanings of the colors and symbols on a map.