Algebra 2 Notes
March 23, 2009
Do you remember the Quadratic Formula?
- Work with the people around you. Brainstorm and
try and remember the quadratic formula from
your last math class.
Use the quadratic formula to solve these
quadratic equations. Remember when
you’re solving a quadratic equation it must
be set = to 0 first!! (Need help? Look on page 289):
The Quadratic Formula (can be used to solve
any quadratic equation):
Remember: you CANNOT take the square root
of a negative number in the real number
◦ Need to use imaginary numbers if you’re trying to
find the square root of a negative
Perfect Square Trinomial:
◦ Examples:
Completing the Square: finding the last term
of a perfect square trinomial
◦ In order to complete the square the value of ‘a’
must be equal to 1
The Discriminant of a Quadratic Equation:
 Page
 Page
285 #13-17
293 #1, 10, 11, 16, 22,

Algebra 2 Notes March 23, 2009