College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Employee Assistance Program Committee Meeting
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Mark Hill, Dave Soderberg, Teri Frese, Leslie Rutkowski, Mike Campbell,
AnnMarie Clarke, Cheryl Liptak
Scott Blair, Al Wilczek
Chair’s Report – Mark Hill
Mark presented Dave Soderberg a gift of gratitude for his prior service as EAP Coordinator on
behalf of the committee.
As this is the first meeting since summer break, no news to report at this time.
Coordinator’s Report – Cheryl Liptak
Three contacts were made during the summer months, otherwise quiet due to summer break,
distribution of newsletter throughout campus.
Regional Representative – Mike Campbell
Grants are now available to apply for.
Evaluation of our coordinator will be due soon.
Brochures given to Cheryl for distribution from Mike.
Web Page Update:
Web page is up to date as Cheryl has been given access to web page. Updates will be made by
Cheryl as needed.
Old Business:
o No old business to discuss at this time.
New Business:
o One committee position available in Research Foundation is anyone is interested.
o EAP Grant – will apply for grant in order to facilitate putting our program on the campus map and
make us more noticeable. Ideas were offered by Mike Campbell, particularly at the campus’s
Holiday Social.
o AHA Walking Clubs – Upstate Medical University reached out to our agency to inquire about
volunteers to serve on their American Heart Association’s Walking Clubs. See Mark if interested.
o Event/Programming ideas – will implement an “EAP Meet & Greet” with cider and donuts in
October. Cheryl will begin planning for this event and notify committee members where we are in
the process.
Upcoming Meeting Dates:
October 15th – 217 Bray Hall
November 19th – 217 Bray Hall
December 17th – 217 Bray Hall
Minutes respectfully submitted by:
AnnMarie Clarke, EAP Secretary
September 20, 2013

College of Environmental Science and Forestry Employee Assistance Program Committee Meeting