Social and
Aspects of
Understanding, supporting and
Session 3
Helping your child to grow
Self –esteem is the most important
contribution that any adult can make to a
child’s life.
Going through life with low self-esteem is
possible, but it is like riding a bike with
flat tyres.
It is the bedrock on which the majority of
personality traits rest and will do more to
determine a child’s future than any other
single factor!
In order to teach it to a child, an adult must
first have it within.
What makes up self-esteem?
There are 3 main parts that contribute
to high self-esteem
• A sense of Self
• A sense of belonging
• A sense of personal power
Self–esteem is not about…
Letting your child do what they want to make
them happy!
It is about…..
Putting boundaries in place
Letting them know that someone cares
and that they matter even if they
don’t like what you are saying e.g.
“no you are not going out until
midnight and I don’t care what your
mates are doing!”
Helping them to feel good about
Multiple Intelligence
How intelligent
are you?
How are you
Multiple Intelligence
Maslow’s Hierarchy
Key points
Different ways to be intelligent
Feeling good about myself
Feeling safe and that I matter
Understanding my strengths and
• Take a Multiple Intelligence profile
home with you for your child (this is
one we use with students in school) and
complete it together
• Get your child to think about famous
people that they admire and what
their areas of Multiple Intelligence
would be
• Spend a little time every day with you
child on your own doing something
they want to do
• Read the Top Tips sheet!

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