By, Bri, Polly, and Allison!
One Day, The fraction buddy’s, 9/15, 4/5, and 2/20, were hanging
out at Knobles. They wanted to go on the Phoenix so they got in line
for 50 tickets! (it costs 10 tickets a turn). They got there tickets and
went to the roller coaster. Well, then the storm hit! They read the sign
and it said “You must be able to convert yourself to a fraction to ride, if
you do not know how to, too bad!” That was bad news to them
because they never ever went to school and knew how to do that! So,
they went home and called for the doctor Mr. Fulkerson who really
wasn’t a doctor he was a wizard! Mr. Fulkerson knew the answer to
everything! The phone went to voicemail which was no luck to them
so they called their cousin 90/100 who they nicknamed him Charlie!
He answered the phone and said to them to come over to his
house and he would teach them! Charlie was so surprise
that he couldn’t convert them because he goes to school.
Charlie suggested to go to the talent show and meet his
sisters’ group “ The Cheering Hippos. “ They got there and
Charlie asked his sister and her group if they could
convert them and tech them but they couldn’t except
for……………………………… 8/50!!! She said she knew but when she
tried she messed up. She went to school for 4 years but
still couldn’t do it! They left the café and went to 4/5
house and got some ice – cream and sat down to talk because
they didn’t understand why they couldn’t convert
Later that day 4/5 had a great plan like always she said to
wing it! They decided just to try and see what happens! When
they got to Knobels they went to the guy in charge of the
Phoenix and 9/15 told the man “I am .4! And my friend 4/5 is
.6 And my friend 2/20 is .50! Can we ride now?
Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Well I can give you credit because one is
right but not with the same person! But I am not going to
give you credit so you have only 2 more tries or you will never
ever ride the Phoenix ever again!!!!!!!!! “ But we never ever
rode it!” said 2/20! They just left instead of causing trouble
because 9/15 can get wild!!!!! When they got home they sat
on the couch and fell asleep.
They slept for 3 hours then woke up and then 2/20 had a
great idea to sneak in Knobles when the park was closed,
and ride the Phoenix !!! They decided to do that! When they
got there they ran over to the roller coaster and jumped in
the seat! But they didn’t know how to turn it on! They were
so tired they just left.
The next morning it hit them for some reason they all had
dreams on how they could convert themselves to
decimals!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! They got dressed and they went to
the amusement park! They went to the guy again and 4/5
Said ” We know we know!!I am .8! My friend 9/15 is .6 and
my friend 2/20 is .10!! “Good job!!!! Now here you go!” Said
the guy in charge of Phoenix! He opened the gate and let
them in!!
They said as they got on the roller coaster!

Hippos Rapping fractions and decimals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!